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Jeremy dropped off his Silvia Conversion S13 for us to repair and replace his damaged front end.

The damaged front end is coming off to make way for the front end Jeremy purchased from JGY

Damaged front end gone

The replacement front end is on

New front end is on and finished:

Jeremy's GT2871R

on the dyno
Jeremy's car on the dyno before going under the knife

on the dyno

12.6 in the quarter
12.6 in the quarter

Jeremy's car is on the lift to get his upgrades

Tomei Technical Trax 1.5way LSD

Tomei Technical Trax is ready to be installed

You can see the Tomei side by side with the factory LSD

Installed the Tomei into the factory casing

Fastbrakes Wilwood 11inch 4piston brake kit

Installing his 11inch Wilwood front brake kit

Passenger side shown with a 4piston caliper

Driver side looking great

Refurbished rear diff and axles with the Tomei LSD installed and ready to go into the car

Installing rear adjustable camber arms

His JWT tuned ECU is ready to be plugged into the harness

This is probably the last shot of his stock setup before upgrades

His new Garrett GT2871r with the .64 a/r rated at 390HP

His tubular T2 flanged manifold will look nice holding the power making turbo

Engine bay with all of the factory turbo components removed and waiting for the upgrade.

Jeremy's old T25 and stock manifold.