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Santino Smith's S14 is here for a motor build and turbo upgrade.

Shooting for 500HP.

S14.K is in the building.

Getting ready to be lifted.

Motor misc. things out...

The motor is out and ready to be taken apart.

The motor is on the stand and ready to be taken apart.

Here are some of the accessories that have been taken off.

The motor is now stripped and waiting.

The head is off and the bottom is being taken apart.

The motor is now all apart... Now comes the machining.

Filthy motor... filthy

We installed Goodyear Eagle GTs on XXRs F-Gun Metal 18x10s on all four corners.

We stretched 225/40/18s on the front, and 235/40/18s on the back...
Game over. Now, who's grown up?

Megan Racing tow arms installed.

Megan Racing camber arms installed.

The XXR 521 18x10s are now on the car.

Sleeves and pistons before installation.

Block in the engine room

Bored 91mm JGY sleeves

Crankshaft and bearings in

Another view of the crankshaft and bearings

Girdle is on

Installing rods and pistons

Rods and pistons are in

Headgasket is on

Getting ready to put the ARP head studs in

Head is on

Brian Crower springs and titanium retainers in

Bottom end cleaned and assembled