ARP RB26 Main Stud Kit: $194

RB25DE(T), and RB20DE(T) ARP Head Studs: $139 - For this price, if you are doing a head gasket or a rebuild, you have to buy them

Tomei reinforced main stud kits for RB's: $579

Nismo/Nissan RB26 N1 crankshaft, fits RB20/25/26, itís the N1 version of the coveted RB26 86mm stroke crank, and yes, it fits all of the RB motors: $770

Brian Crower RB26DETT stroker crank, goes from 73.7mm to 79mm, suggests an 87mm bore. Retail is $4000. Our price: $3599

Brian Crower RB30 stroker crank and rods - Call and order yours today. With the 90mm stroke you can have an RB32... RB32 > 2JZ: $4939.00 for both

RB oil squirter: $29 each

CP Pistons for RB20DET (we can get any size and any compression for you)
Pictured here is a set of 77.5mm with 11.5:1 compression with custom valve reliefs
$950 with special pins and locks

RB20DET CP Pistons with
Custom Valve Reliefs: $699

CP Pistons, for the RB20/25/26 (yes, we know they are different) any compression ratio, and displacement
Our Price: $759

We also offer CP Pistons's ceramic top coating that further prevents detonation. Price is normally just around $20 a piston.

RB20-25-26 Nismo main bearings: $57 each

RB20-25-26 Nismo main center bearing: $75

SPOOL Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods for the RB20DE and RB20DET, utilizes ARP studs: just $689 a set

RB26DETT Brian Crower rods: $905

RB25/26 Eagle Connecting Rods: $495