SE-R / G20 / NX Transmission Work and Parts

Brand new B15 trannys! We have them in stock for $2300. Awesome transmission!

We now have more transmissions in stock.
$420 for non LSD JDM transmissions / $750 for B14 LSD / $1200 B15 LSD

5th Gear Pop Out Replacement - $150 labor,
$280 Parts, Needed for 91-94 Se-R's

Cryo Treating - $250 Strengthens approximately 20% to help prevent gear breakage -300Degrees F for 24 hours

Shot Peening - $250 Strengthens transmission approximately 25%

Transmission Case Welding - $50 Needed for most applications to prevent cracking on passenger side which commonly occurs under wheel hop.

JGY FWD Aluminum short shifter - $79 - Sentra 91-01 / 200sx 95-01 / NX1600-2000 91-93 / G20 91-96 & 99-02
Shortens throws without sacrificing sensitivity

B&M short shifter kit for b13, b14, p10, p11 sentras, 200sx, g20. nicest shifter available - $156

Motul GEAR 300 75W90, 1 liter, great for all Nissan transmissions and rear ends, EXCEPT if using a clutch-type LSD Unshearable oil film in extreme conditions. Stays in 90 grade after KRL 20 hours shear test Very high lubricating power which decreases friction and wear. 90 grade at hot temperature to provide outstanding oil film resistance at hot temperature and/or to reduce transmission noise. Fluid at low temperature to allow easier gear shifting when the gearbox is cold. Less effort required on the gear lever to shift the gears. - $14.95 per

Important note for transmission shipping - Use a 2'x2' sheet of plywood, one 2' 2x4, three bolts, three nails, and three nuts. Place the transmission face down on the board, drill and bolt transmission to board. Use remaining 2x4 and nail 2x4 to underside of plywood to allow UPS driver a void to put his hands in. Shipping UPS this way not being in a box.

ATS 1.5 way LSD for the B13/14/15 with SR FWD and Factory LSD
This replaces the factory one and is great. It's a metal LSD (long lasting) and is meant for the racer - meaning, it will take abuse, but works great on the street. The search is over for your LSD. It's here at JGY and ships quickly: $1169

Pictured here is the ATS LSD with the bearings and speedo gear installed onto it after removing them from the factory LSD

Brand new and now in stock! Carbonetic FWD LSD: $1,429

"Installed with necessary pieces"
NISMO LSD - New Style, Mechanical 1.5 way: $856

JGY's LSD for transmissions with VLSD or open diff. Available for 1991 to 2002 SR powered Sentra's, 200sx's, and G20's: $219
We also have them for 1.6L powered Sentra's and 200sx's

Factory LSD axles for 91 through 97 SE-R. Works for ABS and non ABS, only $250

High Performance Axles for SR20, Specify year of car: $479

2001 G20 LSD transmission with cooling fins

So you have a B15 tranny in your 91 Sentra and wonder why your reverse lights don't turn on?
You need to wire this switch into your B14 one... no, the threads pitches are different so you can't just change the sensors...

Do the same as above for the neutral switch.

B15 transmission with B13 arm

Stock transmissions are typically good up to 250HP. Cryo treating will help prevent breakage to about 280HP. Shot peening (traditionally done after cryo treating) will help prevent breakage up to about 310HP.