JGY 36lb (370cc) Injectors
Great for replacing your old worn out DET injectors and for upgrades to VVL motors: $55 each

New Nissan VVL rocker arm, for SR20VE and SR16VE, $160 new

SuperTech Intake Valves
SuperTech SR20VE intake valves, +1mm oversized, $24 each

SuperTech Exhaust Valves
SuperTech SR20VE Exhaust Valve +2mm oversized, made of Inconel Material, $32 each

SuperTech Spring and Retainer Kit
SuperTech SR20VE 123lb. Spring and Retainer Kit - $372

SuperTech Valve Seals and Guides
SuperTech SR20VE Exhaust Valve Seals - $3.99 each
SuperTech SR20VE Intake Valve Seals - $3.99 each
SuperTech SR20VE Intake Manganese Valve Guide - $8.99 each
SuperTech SR20VE Exhaust Manganese Valve Guide - $8.99 each

Sikky Intake manifold gasket for SR20VE and SR16VE Thermalator, decreases intake temperatures and gains power, dyno proven just $49

VVL Piston Rings
JGY Price: $62
(Do not fit normal DE's)

JGY VVL Fuel Rail V2
Newly designed in July 2014, this newest option eliminates the bridge of the old design, great for RWD conversions as well

*Due to the close proximity of the IACV on the FWD VVL intake, some applications of this rail may come in contact with the IACV tube and is not covered under fitment warranty: $139

Photo'd here is our new 1 piece JGY VVL rail. As you can see, the fitment is great. You can also see the bracket mounting locations. Yes, the Nismo FPR does fit. The 2 piece rail is installed exactly the same.

JGY VVL Fuel Rail
The JGY 2 piece rail was designed for the low clearance on the VVL intake. The rail gives VVL owners the option of the MSD style injectors with or without the stock fuel regulator: $139

Tomei SR20 Adjustable Cam Gears for the SR motors
Fits SR20, SR18, SR20DET, SR20VE, SR16VE
Infinite adjustments, allows user to dial in the missing power - $118 each

N1 Nissan camshafts. Fit both SR20VE and SR16VE, HP/TQ upgrade for both. These are the ones everyone wants...and yes, we have them in the building
Exhaust cam specs
Low Exhaust Duration: 244 Low Exhaust Lift: 7.95
High Exhaust Duration: 288 High Exhaust Lift: 11.9
Intake cam specs Low Intake Duration: 220 Low Intake Lift: 8.4
High Intake Duration: 288 High Intake Lift: 12.0

$399 a set

N1 Nissan SR20VE and SR16VE oil pump with cover assembly - $189

Double valve spring and titanium retainer kit for Nissan VVL and Gti-r motors, 250lb spring rate, great for both GTi-R and VVL, especially the VVL so that you can rev the motor higher - $354